What is VPN Hosting?

26 Mar

What is VPN Hosting?

VPNExampleVPNExampleVPNExamplevpn-hostingA Virtual Private Network or VPN, is a computer network that is private and featured with necessary security measures so that it can be used across unsecured networks like the internet itself. Generally, it can be thought of as a ringed network of computers that are behind the same firewall in the same location, but use network connections of separate locations through private lines. Such a network can allow you to share private information without any risk of theft.

A VPN is a completely private network which you can build and configure as per your wishes. Such a network can provide you with connectivity even if there are great physical distances between the connected devices. Your private identity is not revealed and your computer is connected to a remote device via an encrypted connection.


The offered features of VPN services vary with your chosen service providers, but here are the most important ones of them.

  • Connections are encrypted, which makes VPN hosting a secure option

  • Compatible with both public and private networks

  • Speed and privacy is maintained because your ISP cannot inspect and throttle data which you send

  • You can research the website of your competitors, but not provide them with your identity or location

  • The service is easy to install and use, and your provider will provide you with technical support


Remote Access

In this mode, a tunnel is created between the user and other servers. This configuration can secure an application for a certain number of users.

Site to site VPN

This configuration sets up a tunnel between a remote device and your network. This mode is mainly used for secure data transfer.

Gateway VPN

The gateway made allows an encrypted and anonymous access to the internet. With this mode, you can browse the web privately through a completely encrypted and secure connection.


  • VPN services are usually very secure and prevent unauthorized access to your network

  • Generally, VPN services are affordable and by paying a suitable amount, you can enjoy all of its features.

  • You can easily increase your users and let your network grow. This is because VPN offers scalability and you require no extra components to manage the increasing number of users.

  • Your identity remains protected.


  • The speed of a VPN networks is often not high until you chose a quality service provider.

  • You are not offered the same bandwidth with which you can get with other plans at the same cost. Opting of more bandwidth will require you to pay an additional amount.

Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

A VPN hosting plan can be both managed and unmanaged. In the former, your provider will take care of all the technicalities, and if a problem arises, they will deal with it. With the latter option, you have to manage your network.

Top Providers

  • BolehVPN

  • Astrill VPN

  • Hamchi

  • Vitopia

  • StrongVPN

  • proXPN